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Apologies for going quiet the last few months. Been crazy busy with lots and lots of projects!

Can finally post pictures of one of them; I've been working with creating (and filming the promo for) their new venture of Mermaid fitness classes. I got to meet and swim with the gorgeous Merman Chris and a bunch of stunning social media influencers. It's been all over the press pretty much all over the world which surprised me as the actual event is only for a few days (this week actually.) Sadly my name isn't mentioned in any of the publications but you can see my grinning face in the photos and videos. I created a workout that (skill dependant) will teach the swimmers to swim like Mermaids and also some fitness to work on core, biceps, triceps and lower back strength.

I'll be teaching the classes to the guests of Zafiro Palace in Palma Nova in Mallorca from 19th - 22nd September. Should be fun! Links to some of the publications are at the bottom!

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