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Frequently Asked Questions.


What kind of events do you do?

All kind of events! Anything from pool parties to casions and everything in between. Although it's always fun to perform underwater, I am just as at home on land. A Mermaid adds a mer-mazing and surprising touch to any event.

Is it easy to move around?
Let's be honest, wearing my tail I'm not exactly mobile. I will need assistance to help me get around. Once in the water I'm as free as a Dolphin but on land, I will need an area to change and then be brought to where needed It's also better people don't see me without my tail as it can spoil the illusion and children really do believe in magic and make-believe. Having Pirate Pete join the party can be a huge help as he is able to carry me and move me around.

How easy is it to swim under water?

Swimming underwater is the best feeling in the world! All professional mermaids are well trained swimmers and I hold a qualification in freediving. My current breath hold is 2m40s.


Can I be a Mermaid?

Sure! It's very imporant to practice your swimming and become comfortable underwater. Remember, safety first! Before you get your first tail, I reccomend taking extensive swimming lessons before you buy your first monofin. I also did Freedive Level 1 training at the UK Freedive School in Cornwall so make sure you train as much as you can. Fin2Fit are a fantastic company that offer Mermaid monofin swimming lessons and they are the UK's only Mermaid school that is accredited by Swim England and Partnered with the RLSS.


Are you insured?
Absolutely! I am a full member of Equity which covers performers liability insurance. I also have a full rolling DBS clearance certificate. I also have risk assessments for any venue.


Where did you get your tail? Where can I get one?

My silicone tail was made by Erin from MerNation in Florida: and it was custom made. If you want to get your first time, I reccomend the place I got my first tail:
Getting a silicone tail is a huge investment and it's always best to shop around and read as many reviews as possible to decide which tail is best for you.


What is your advice for a wannabe Mermaid?

Keep practicing and be ready to work very hard. It's the best job in the world!


How do I go about booking you?

Email or call me with all your requirements and I can talk you through prices and packages. There will be a £50 deposit for each event and a weeks notice period required for cancelleations and 24 hours notice for time changes.


What happens at children's parties?

I will have a chat with you usually the week before the party to go over any specific details like venue/location etc and logistics (where I will be changing) etc. We can go over any times you want us to keep to and what you'd like involved. As I sing, I love getting the kids to sing with me so if there are any special songs your child would like to sing then let me know!
Depending on the party and amount of children, the usual set up is the children are removed from the area I will be positioned (using an excuse to eat or to have a group photo outside) I get ready as quickly as possible and the children come back and the fun begins! When it is time to leave, we find another reason for the children to leave and I can either sneak away or I can appear in human form.
If I am with Pirate Pete, he will be able to carry me short distances to make a 'Mermazing' entrance.

I have various packages and the parties can include fun and games, stories, singing, competitions, photos, autographs, face painting, balloon modelling and bubble wishes! I can perform these parties alone or I can also be joined by my good friend Pirate Pete.


If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!!






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